About Society


The Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists (ISCB) is a premier society established in the year 1995 with its headquarters at Lucknow. The society provides an interface for a close interaction among chemists and biologists. The society has been actively engaged in promotion of education and research in the areas of chemistry and biology.

Through various international and national conferences it has been propagating the need for excellence in the areas of research in this country. The conferences organized by the society have been witnessed by the august presence of eminent chemists, biologists and Nobel laureates. The society encourgages youngsters to persue their careers in chemistry and biology and inspires them for quality research.

The society has been providing inputs in identifying thrust areas of research which need to be promoted and pursued. The 19th International Conferences under the aegis of ISCB was organized at Udaipur which was attended by a galaxy of eminent chemists and biologists from across the globe. The conference provided a platform for the local participants to interact with scientists of high repute and accomplishment. Udaipur became a choice for the society for its extended activities through a local chapter. The proposal for creation of a local chapter was subsequently approved and Prof. A.K. Goswami (Vice President of the Society) was appointed as Co-ordinator.

The name of Prof. S.D. Purohit was approved as Co-coordinator of the Local chapter of ISCB. The ISCB entrusted the local chapter with the responsibility of spreading knowledge in science in general and chemistry and biology in particular among rural masses which have been deprived of the benefits of develpments in these subjects.