About Local Chapter

Biological Science

The idea of Local Chapter of Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists was mooted in an informal discussion among distinguished chemists and biologists involved in teaching and research here in Udaipur. It was strongly felt that methods of teaching and access to quality education in schools (read resource deficient schools) have largely been neglected. The charm and interest in science has been eclipsed by “Packages” of commerce and IT industry. The fundamental science has been left in limbo.

The need of the hour is to rejuvenate interest among students aspiring for career in science. They need to be properly trained, educated and made to sense that opportunities in science are immense. The only need is to properly shape our process of learning. Problems of those who have poor access to resources, particularly in rural areas, need to be addressed immediately. It can not be left to governments alone. We have to bridge the gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. Those who are capable have to come forward and contribute in whatever possible ways. Education has suffered more because of water-tight compartments that have been created among different levels of science education.

Academics are competing against each other for the goal which is same for all. They have to initiate cross-talks for common good of science in general and Chemistry and Biology in particular. ISCB through its local chapter will address these issues and motivate academia at all the levels for their so called “Academic Social Responsibility (ASR)”. Culture of giving has to be developed- not in terms of money or material but in terms of our intellectual mind which we have nourished all through our careers. Contribution of a little time and a small step forward in this direction will make a sea change in the lives of our future scientists and educationists. Creation of Local Chapter of ISCB at Udaipur is such a small step in this direction.

The chapter will strive to achieve its objectives in letter and spirit and will dedicate its effort to “Sciencetize” people to reap the benefits of science for a healthy and better quality of life. This chapter will cover West-Zone including the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharastra to begin with.